The Zombie Journal

First Time Building Encounter

I had just got home from work. It was Friday, so I was feeling good, tired, but it was the weekend and it had been a long week.

I lived in a small 20 story building next to all kinds of 30 and 40 story buildings. As soon as I entered the apartment I felt relaxed, took out my keys, laid my wallet down and did my usual two minute ritual of emptying the rest of my pockets, washing my hands and then walking over to my plants to see how they were doing. After relaxing for several minutes I walked into my kitchen to see the garbage almost overflowing, so of course it was time to take it out.

Let me back track a bit. I had heard about the rage outbreaks; no one had resorted to calling them Zombies yet. They were either outbreaks and infections, or the newest buzzwords like rage, psychotic behavior or even completely ridiculous terms like unruly behavior. It had been on the news for about two days now, and while everyone was talking about it and worried, it seemed that it would pass and that possibly the media had been hyping it out of proportion like they did everything else, after all most of the problems had been contained to hospitals. After years of warnings on how the next flew epidemic was about to hit at any moment, we were completely desensitized when the outbreaks started.

I grabbed the bag of garbage, walked out the door and down the long hallway to the garbage chute. My building basically consisted of one long hall with elevators and a garbage chute at one end and a window at the opposite end with all the apartment suites on either side. As I walked down the door I heard a scream followed by some muffled groans, it was chilling, but I had heard stranger shouting and screaming in the past. I thought it was possibly an argument. I looked back, but no one was in the hallway. My apartment was in the middle of the long hallway and as I reached near the chute I heard a loud banging and gurgling scream, now I was scared.

I quickly dumped my garbage and as I turned around I heard a blood curdling scream followed by another bang. The door had opened in the last unit at the opposite end of the hallway. Someone stumbled out and collapsed as another person jumped on them, arms whaling. Looking back I realize that the person on top was scratching, ripping and biting the other person. I shouted down the hallway "Hey what the fuck!". It was the first thing I could think of and a very bad idea. The person on top stopped instantly and looked straight at me with pause. They were silhouetted by the light coming through the window. It couldn't have been longer than a second, because he jumped off the person and began lurching towards me fairly fast. The movement was so awkward and terrifying.

I probably could have made it to my door, but I froze with terror for a second. It was obvious it was a man by his build. He let out a loud groan and continued lurching towards me and braced himself against the wall once, I could see a dark smudge created across the wall. I was about half way between the garbage chute and my apartment. Finally I realized I had to think fast, I bolted toward my apartment, but stopped seconds later realizing I might not make it. I might have still made it, but the risk was too great now.

Completely trapped

I yelled out at the man saying "get away, get back, get the fuck back". He continued to lurch toward me. I screamed out help, but no one opened their doors. I started walking backwards towards the chute and banged on a couple of doors. He seemed to be lurching at me faster. I ran all the way to the garbage chute, I was cornered. I realized I had only one choice, and that was the garbage chute room. This is a room that is about 3 x 3 feet. I ran in, grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut. I was so scared I started pulling hard on the door, it was a metal door. I even braced my feet at the edges of the frame. I knew it was coming, but I still jumped when he pounded his fists on the door groaning again. The door shook, but I was pulling hard, hands gripping with fear.

I'm not sure how long I was gripping the door like that, but my hands grew soar quickly as the banging continued. Soon I realized that he was not actually pulling on the door. I loosened my grip a bit and slowly released the door. Occasionally the door would pull open a bit, but I would quickly pull it shut. I realized right away that this was no normal human being and that there was no real thought process going into opening the door. If I wasn't holding it at all I'm sure he would have got lucky eventually, but I was still gripping it just to make sure.

Of course after what seemed an eternity there was a ding sound. I heard voices yelling hands behind your head. It was the cops thank god. The banging stopped as the thing at the door howled. It lurched towards two officers which shot him several times to no avail. I remember fearing I might get shot. I heard a scream and more shots and fighting. Finally the commotion and I yelled "help, don't shoot". As I stepped out of the Garbage chute I saw a bloody mess everywhere. The thing that had chased me was indeed a man, but I had never seen someone so chewed up before. One police officer had blood running down his arm, the other was fine. This was the start of a new life for me and unfortunately soon to be the end of one of these officers lives.