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Nothing Else Matters.

These two journal entries were found in the abandoned lighthouse on Nash Island, the door was locked but no one was discovered inside. The only thing...

The Worst Place to Be

Everyone knows that one of the worst possible places you could be during the initial outbreak was in a large city. The only local worse than a large...

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World War Z Movie

World War Z was a fantastic Zombie Apocalypse book, one of the best. It's now a Hollywood movie and the trailer is pretty depressing. Wasn't the whole point of World War Z about how a slow moving Zombie Outbreak could still be deadly, and that conventional warfare would be useless since you cannot scare zombies into submission and they can keep attacking when they are missing vital organs?

In this movie they seem to be able to run faster than healthy human beings. I'm all for fast zombies, 28 Days Later made great use of them, but if you want to do fast Zombies then don't call your movie World War Z! Maybe the movie will be good if we can just forget the book, although the cg is looking kind of fake in the trailer.

Zombie Experiment NYC

The Zombie Song — Stephanie Mabey

Awesome Short Film about a Zombie in a Penguin Suit

An awesome short film about the adventures of a zombie in a penguin suit.

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